We currently operate four automatic band saws, the largest of which is capable of cutting tubes up to 1200mm and we can flame cut tubes to over 2500mm diameter. Our standard saw cutting tolerances are +/-3mm and for flame cutting -0/+15mm or you can have closer tolerances by agreement.


Employing highly qualified welders, we routinely produce and deliver extended lengths up to 30 metres long, and we have produced lengths exceeding 50 metres in the past.

Our sub arc welding machines are able to join our tubes together reliably and quickly to produce whatever lengths you want.
The performance of our welding is routinely checked, randomly, by independent inspectors to ensure quality.

Copies of our procedures are available to download or we may be able to work to your procedures by special arrangement.

Here you can also download an example of the results of independent checks


If you need confirmation of the properties of any of our material, we can always provide certification by independent testing and analysis before despatch.

Please note for testing we use UKAS approved independent laboratories. You can even have third party inspection & validation if necessary, we will be pleased to help you arrange it. You only pay the level of testing you require.

Testing options

  • Chemical analysis, UTS testing (Yield, Tensile & Elongation properties) and Charpy Impact tests are routinely specified by our customers.
  • More extensive testing, including ultrasonic, magnetic particle and even radiography can be arranged when required.

Here you can download examples of certification achieved by independent testing.


We have automatic shot blasting machines with up to 1 meter diameter capacity, larger sizes can be manually blasted.

Our paint spraying capabilities give you the option of having your orders shot blasted and coated before they leave our works.

We hold stocks of the most commonly specified paints that our customers request, so we can unsure customers’ orders can be progressed quickly.

Once coated, pipes are protected from damage during handling and loading to ensure they leave our works in perfect condition.

Below download the most commonly specified paint datasheets and our coating procedure.


Although mill certificates are not available with Non Prime products, you may want to know some of the properties of our material. Through our unique pipe numbering system, all of our stock can be traced to source. We make a note of all details our suppliers give to us and can often pass this data on to you but without warranty.


Customers are always welcome to visit our works to inspect our stock before ordering.

If you need third party inspection, we’re happy to work with companies like Lloyds, DNV, Bureau Veritas etc. We understand the cost associated with their service, so we work closely with them to ensure their visits are efficiently arranged to reduce costs.

Download examples of certification achieved by independent testing, with third party inspection.


Your orders can be delivered worldwide by our network of hauliers and shipping agents.

Knowledgeable and reliable transport companies with many years of experience of moving steel safely, can quickly deliver items from small cut pieces to lengths of up to 30 metres by road.

Lengths of 30 metres and over can also be delivered by road once Department of Transport permits have been arranged.

Extremely long lengths can be achieved by partial welding at Dalton with final fabrication at the quayside.

Our site includes storage areas where your orders can be held awaiting call off, so you don’t need to store material at site.